Town and Country: Cordially invited

"Online wine sales have reportedly soared by as much as 200 per cent as consumers make the shift from spending time in pubs and bars to drinking in the comfort of their own home. While we at Town & Country are avowedly fond of a glass of red or several, we also know the dangers of making aperitif hour a nightly ritual. Enter.Jukes Cordialities, founded by the wine writer and taster Matthew Jukes, who set out to concoct a non-alcoholic alternative to his favourite beverage that would look and taste as good as the real thing. Blending fruits, herbs and spices with a base of apple cider vinegar, the two 'cordialities' n1 and n6, respectively resembling white and red wine can be mixed with still, sparkling or ton ic water to make low-sugar drinks with a dry finish. FH" 

Town & Country Summer 2020