Great taste & health

At Jukes, we are committed to providing great taste. Indulging in alcohol-free drinks should not mean compromising on flavours. 

What we strive for - truly rounded and complex drinks, which can be the perfect solution when you choose not to drink alcohol. We are committed to providing a healthy drink alternative, which is why our Jukes series are all fewer than 18kcal per serving.

Quality without compromise

Organic apple cider vinegar forms the ‘backbone’ of our drinks, allowing the ingredients to line up beautifully on the palate, adding dryness and length and making Jukes a great accompaniment to food. Great taste comes from exceptional quality, all-natural ingredients.  Each Jukes involves approximately two dozen; fruit, vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, spices and flowers, sourced from the same merchants who supply London’s finest restaurants.  We willingly pay a premium for the very best because we know that it makes our drinks taste so distinctive. Our production is naturally limited to the availability of our elite ingredients.  So, from time to time, please bear with us if we are out of stock for a short period.

Environmental awareness

We view sustainability as vitally important, using limited planetary resources as carefully and thoughtfully as possible.  We produce our drinks solely from all-natural, vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices and flowers.  Nothing is wasted; all of our by-products are edible consumables (husks, fibres, pith, skins and the like) that we recycle.  We do not filter, fine or use any manipulative techniques nor do we use colour-retention agents in our production and so our drinks ‘throw’ a very fine, natural sediment and the lighter-hued in the series, like fine wine, sometimes change tone over time as they settle. 

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