Forbes: 7 Top Alcohol-Free Drinks Brands Available For Home Delivery

"Jukes Cordialities (9 x 30ml £35) was born because London wine writer Matthew Jukes had “never found a sophisticated, non-alcoholic adult drink that is genuinely satisfying” so he decided to make his own. He partnered with Jack Hollihan who, while sharing a love of fine food and wine, noticed the lack of seriously rewarding, non-alcoholic drinks. After much research and testing, they created Jukes Cordialities, a series of drinks that do everything that wine does on the nose, palate and finish but without any alcohol. The drinks arrive in a beautiful package - a white embossed box, so you do feel you’ve received something special. The drinks are also very low in calories (13-16 calories/glass) as they’re made entirely from all natural, self-reproducing vegetables, fruit and natural flavorings. Nothing is wasted; all of their by-products are edible consumables (husks, fibres, pith and skins). There are three varieties to choose from: Jukes 1 is the white wine alternative; Jukes 6 is the red wine alternative; and Jukes 8 is Matthew Jukes’ take on a modern rosé. Mix each with water and serve neat or over ice."

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