“Loving the wellbeing goodness in every taste-filled glass.”

Liz Earle MBE

D.E., London

“Jukes is made from organic apple cider vinegar; excellent for natural wellness. Healthy as well as tasty, and no artificial preservatives; that’s important to me!”

L.E., London

“Fabulous creation! I’m absolutely taking boxes of Jukes to Provence this summer to share with my houseguests. No more post-lunch hangovers from the rose´ in the summer heat….”

A.C., London

“A box of Jukes in its elegant packaging has become my dinner party gift of choice. So superior to the usual bottle of wine or champagne, and once tasted, so appreciated by hosts…”

L.U., London

“I simply love Jukes’ taste and finish and am expecting our first child. That Jukes is all-natural with no chemical additives is quite important to us.”

M.N., London

“Brilliant single serve, elegant packaging. That lets me bring along Jukes in my bag wherever I go, whether or not it’s stocked where I’m going. My drink of choice.”

A.L., London

“We’re putting Jukes in our firm’s meeting rooms for our best clients…”

B.A., London

“I run a sizable European private equity fund and can’t afford to be dulled by alcohol. Jukes is my elegant solution; a wonderful creation.”

A.J., London

“Both Jukes Cordialities are fabulous tastes that just happen to be non-alcoholic. Eminently mixable with chilled vodka, too, for an amazing experience….”

A.W., London

“I work far too hard keeping myself toned to waste it all on calories from alcohol. I love Jukes’ taste. Even better, I can drink a dozen Jukes for a quarter of the calories from wine. Epic!”

M.A., Palm Beach, USA

“I entertain often. For various reasons, I – and many of my guests - no longer drink alcohol. Thank heavens I found Jukes in London and brought it back; so superior to the alternatives, and so beautifully presented....”

G.E., London

“Finally, a truly superior, premium non-alcoholic offering. New, and handmade limited production, so difficult to find. Buying directly through their web site is the secret work-around.”

O.H., London

“That fine wine makers with global reputations are enthralled with Jukes, says just how good the Cordialities taste….”