Jukes 1


Jukes 1 is your white wine alternative centred around a citrus and herb theme, designed to be uplifting, clean and bright. Number 1 refers to the first recipe that Matthew created when he started out on the Jukes project.

9 x 30ml bottles, in a beautifully designed box. Handmade, bottled and boxed in our Arch in London. 0.0% alcohol, made from apple cider vinegar.

1 bottle makes approximately two 125ml glasses. Alcohol free drink and low in calories: 16Kcal per glass when diluted 1 part Cordiality with 10 parts water.

Built on a theme of peach blossom, refreshing cucumber, top quality plums, tart apples and pineapple husk, this is a fragrant drink with a full flavour on the palate and, crucially a long, tart, lemon zest-tinged finish.

The apple cider vinegar allows each ingredients to express themselves fully thanks to our delicate maceration techniques. Jukes 1 is based on the flavours of a multitude of different white wine styles which enables it to match with an extremely broad range of dishes. 

1 bottle of Jukes 1 makes two 125ml glasses. First pour 125ml of chilled still, sparkling or even tonic water into a wine glass, then pour in half a bottle of Jukes 1. Stir, taste and then adjust to your palate. We love it especially with chilled sparking water.

Refrigerate the bottle once opened.

Organic apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, peach, cucumber, plum, apple, pineapple, natural flavourings.

How to enjoy

Useful tip: if you don’t have chilled water, add some ice to your glass!

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