Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir

Unlike any other drink in the world.

The Story

In October 2021, the team at Jukes made a brand new, alcohol-free drink for release in early 2022. Inspired by a prior micro-production by Matthew, Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir is based on organic apple cider vinegar, and it employs the very same secret method of production as classic Jukes Cordialities. However, instead of using literally dozens of ingredients, as in Jukes 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8, Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir’s main ingredient is grape skins. During the month of October, when the harvest was in full swing, the Jukes team collected several tonnes of grape skins from a renowned Hampshire winery. The Pinot Noir grapes were used to make sparkling wine, and once they have been crushed and released of their juice, the skins are usually disposed of. Matthew’s idea was to recycle these skins and make them into an elegant, sparkling rosé drink.

Entirely Natural & Sustainable

As with all Jukes drinks, Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir is not de-alcoholised or adjusted in any way because it has never been fermented in the first place. It is entirely natural, extraordinarily sustainable, and packaged in a chic can, thus enabling it to be marketed at a very reasonable price. In addition, the well-being credentials of Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir make for compelling reading. Along with the organic apple cider vinegar content, with its raft of beneficial health properties, grape skins, too, contain the natural phenol resveratrol, which is thought to act as an useful antioxidant. And importantly, with only 7kcal per 100ml, which translates to only 17.5 calories for a 250ml can, this drink is the calorific equivalent of two sticks of celery.

As a quick-witted friend of Matthew’s quipped, ‘What would you prefer - a can of Jukes or two celery sticks? No strings attached!’ 

Top-Quality Grape Skins

Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir came about because of a spark of imagination that linked the wine world, in this instance, top-quality Pinot Noir grape skins, which were being discarded, to Jukes Cordialities via the Jukes method of production. Beyond the compelling calorific and nutritional information on the back of each can, we are most proud of this drink because it tastes absolutely sensational and is unlike any other drink in the world.

Matthew Jukes' Tasting Note

‘Bright, uplifting and refreshing, Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir draws its perfume and refined flavours from English Pinot Noir grape skins gently macerated in organic apple cider vinegar. The result is a pale pink colour, delicate Pinot Noir themes of red cherry and raspberry on the palate, and a long, dry finish, enlivened with energetic bubbles.’

Jukes Sparkling Pinot Noir is available in the following retailers:

Launch Date – first week of January 2022

Recommended Retail Price - £2.50 each or £10.00 for a box of four x 250ml cans

Waitrose - JL Foodhall Bluewater & JL Foodhall Oxford Street (and online)

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