"With over 20 ingredients in Jukes 6 (the dark red), I have designed an alcohol-free drink with the same silhouette of flavour as a full-bodied, savoury red wine. It’s available in two formats: as a concentrate, meant to be diluted with chilled still, sparkling or tonic water, and as a premixed sparkling drink, best served over ice."

- Matthew Jukes, Co-founder

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Jukes 6 - The Dark RedJukes 6 - The Dark Red

Jukes 6 - The Dark Red - 

9x30ml bottles per box
Jukes 6 - The Sparkling RedJukes 6 - The Sparkling Red

Pairs Well With...

Jukes 6 is based on the flavours of a multitude of different red wine styles which enables it to match with an extremely broad range of dishes such as lamb and beef, dishes with mellow flavours or those that are actively spicy.