GQ Magazine: Why a pandemic winter might be the perfect time to stop drinking

'The nights are drawing in and the festive season is looking very different this year. The Guyliner has a proposition for you: maybe now is the time to consider abandoning a tipple altogether. 

To really embrace an abstemious winter, you should err toward bitterness: think Aecorn’s tart aperitifs, or get to know shrubs. Nope, I don’t mean brave the freeze and take to gardening, I’m talking fruity, vinegary cordials that go perfectly with tonic or soda water. They help to make a drink that feels very grown up and will ensure you still act like one, no matter how many you sip over an evening. Wolfe's Schrubs and Jukes Cordialities score high for me, come in a variety of tangy flavours and can also pep up cocktails of friends still refusing to hop on the wagon.' Justin Myers, The Guyliner for GQ Magazine

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